Split Pattern

Wondering if anybody else would find it useful to be able to split a long pattern into two separate ones?

It’s not that I need this features here & now, but I never would have guessed that the “join selection” in the pattern arranger would be so useful, and I guess that the opposite would be true as well.

or even better …’ divide pattern by …x’

Yeah, except that I imagined that you position your cursor in the pattern editor, where you want the split to occur.

good idea a plus one from this corner

Just for the fun of supplying you a load of workflow-polution:
Copy lower half into clipboard, advanced edit, select whole pattern, expand selection 5 times, paste clipboard into new pattern, select whole pattern agan, expand pattern again 5 times.

+1 for splitting
-1 for workflow-polution :slight_smile:

+1 for this comment :P



Having a split function too would be great. In my case i’d even use it more then joining.

+1 for a split functionality.

I just found http://www.renoise.com/tools/pattern-split-plus but unfortunately it doesn’t work with renoise version above 2.6…

It works fine.
Just edit the manifest.xml and change

Then in the tool-browser, find com.renoise.patternsplitplus, click it and click the “enable” button.
Problem solved.

Thanks, didn’t think of that :slight_smile:

This doesn’t work with most Tools, though.

It depends on what area old tools affect.
Regarding the pattern areas:There is quite a risk that things are not working when there are e.g. groups and perhaps it is not expecting the new pattern effect commands and it might create undesired results with aliased tracks.
Also names of native DSP devices have changed, the instrument structure has changed, so old sample manipulation tools from 2.7 and older, that depend on the old API most likely won’t work (properly) in 2.8

Split from current edit-position-line: yeah. I’ve been thinking about that one, I’m about to add it to my kind of related tool PDub.