Split Phase

yo! so some of you might have noticed i’ve taken leave of the transient project! thought you might like to hear what’s keeping me musically busy these days. still all renoise but now taking it from the live perspective and joined by a live drummer.
here’s what my live setup looks like

a bit of sequencing involved, but mostly live with lots of looping taking place on the kp3. trying to keep things stylistically diverse so there’s a little bit of everything going on, poke around our soundcloud! enjoy!


Pretty nice stuff, only listening one-eared at work currently but quite enjoying it. Thanks for enabling downloading, will do so and listen properly at some point soon.

Care to expand on how you guys perform, recording methods and how you tie Renoise into it?

Yeah that sounds nice, Drums sound nice live like that (could sometime be a bit more tight…but not really bothers me). Only on some drum hits sounds like the mic is clipping on the drums or something, maybe u can replace those broken/crunched hits…Don’t mean to give u bad comment, its real nice stuff u have there :walkman:

each track is approached from a different live method, some tracks are just played live out of renoise using renoise as a sample/vsti host, lining up multiple channels with different effects and playing through them, looping w/ the kp3 etc. other tracks are sequence based with lots of mapping to my uc-33 for tweaking. others i’m just jamming and the drum players throws loops down with his roland spd-s. so there isn’t really any set way we’ve been doing things, it’s just mostly a whatever works for whatever situation kinda thing going now.
my setup is microkorg and computer going into a 4 channel dj mixer, dj mixer running through a korg kp2 and kp2 running into a kp3, so lots of tweakability there. mike (the drummer) has a full acoustic kit and a roland spd-s for the digital side of things. as for recording, we’ve got everything running into a mackie 8 channel mixer going into the arcade machine we built out of an old popeye cabinet, reaper is used for recording.

yeah, our drum mics are exactly a killer set, and these recordings are mostly just our live jams from the studio, so they aren’t meant to be perfect. when we do eventually sit down to do an actual studio style album though we’ll definitely get into mix a bit more :)

glad you guys dug it!