Split Track By Note

I’m currently trying to correct some mixing faults on a track I composed three year’s ago. I have a kick track with notes close to basenote and in one part there are mixed values about 3-4 octaves higher. For some kind of percussion effect. But it’s sounding not so well with same compressor and EQ settings on the same track so I’d like to split the track so that that everything let’s say above 6th octave gets split to it’s own track. I tried different methods, but still didn’t manage to achieve what I wanted.

Any suggestions?


Unfortunately I’ve already tried to split with this tool, but unsuccessfully. What it does, it splits EVERY note to separate tracks. Merging everything back octave-wise is a PITA. I had to do it pattern by pattern but it’s a effin long track…

If i had time, i would look into it to see if i could add a specific text-line so one could define a little note table to limit the perimeters.
The tool is a good startingpoint but as it currently doesn’t look at note-values through a defined table, it is not easy for an ordinary user to make a minor adjustment that would allow serving your type of purpose.

There is this part in the script:

 -- If note column is not empty  
 if column.note_value ~= EMPTY_NOTE then  
 -- If note value is not a note-off  
 if column.note_value ~= NOTE_OFF then  

You change it into this snippet:

 local copy_note = false  
 local note_string = {"e","f-","g#","a-"} --Which notes to split?  
 for x = 1, #note_string do  
 if string.lower(note_string{x}) == string.lower(string.sub(column.note_string,2)) then  
 copy_note == true  
 end if  
 -- If note column is not empty and   
 if column.note_value ~= EMPTY_NOTE and copy_note == true then  
 -- If note value is not a note-off  
 if column.note_value ~= NOTE_OFF then  

I’m currently not in the position to test it, but it is a quick patch you can test or someone else can try to patch it for you, behind the local note_string = you can then set the specific notes you want to have split.
To add a gui element that picks and splits your input, that requires extra coding that i can’t put here without testing it thoroughly.

I tried your snippet, but it didn’t work. :(
And I really suck at coding myself.


Key-zones! :D
First I duplicated the kick instrument and mapped the first one to play only in range c-0 to C-6 and the other covers everything above it. The next thing I had to do was duplicating the kick track including patterns and swapping the instrument numbers on the duplicated track. Now one track only plays notes below C#6 and the second one above C-6.