Split Track Function

When finishing a song I often recognize that I have some different instruments in one track (for example, hihats and claps) I would like to divide for mastering reasons (or any other track effect that should only affect one instrument of the track). So one have to split the tracks somehow. It would be nice, if one could mark the columns of a track and hit a function like “split track”. The marked columns are now songwide deleted from the original track and moved into a new track (all track-effects included).

I know there is already a “duplicate track (all patterns)” function. But when deleting songwide columns, the columns are cleared and not deleted physically (they are still present) what leads to tracks with a lot of empty columns. Maybe a function “Physically delete columns from track” (songwide) would be nice too.

I see your problem, but the root of it seems to be in your way of putting notes in the tracks: you should already put them in separate tracks from the beginning.

when I was a FastTracker user, adding a new track meant lot of CPU more, so I (and almost everyone that days) put notes where there was available space.

nowadays, this is nomore a problem in Renoise, so I rapidly changed my style of putting notes and everything has become easier to manage, not only during mastering, but also during composition itself

that’s why i created some topic titled “Multiple Outputs Routing For The Internal Renoise Sampler ?” some days ago… stillll thinking “THIS” is the issue… no???


I think you would want to use the DSP effects for each track, in combination with send tracks this is very powerful.

Check out the advanced edit, you can delete colums, pattern- or songwide :slight_smile:

Edit: duh, you already know that. But it’s possible, soon-ish (2.6).