Splitting L&R channels and sending


In Ableton Live I quite often split a channel into left/right and then add DSP to each side separately. Good for when you have a compressor that doesnt feature a proper stereo-uncoupled mode.
Is there an easy way to do this in Renoise?

Using two send-devices (each of them sending to its own individual send-track) with each of them hard-panned to one side?
Mute source on the last send-device in the chain, then you can apply individual DSP chains on each send track, thus fully affecting only left or only right side.

Cool, do you think that is reliably sample-accurate? Was just thinking that modules applied would, intuitively, seem serial. Probably missing the point here - it’s late, wine has been involved (and cider). Maybe I should just try it :P

Everything is serial in Renoise (from left to right from top to down) but Renoise would be useless if the latencies that are caused in these chains would not be compensated.

I think until the cpu percentage meter hits 99.99% everything is sample accurate.