Splitting Patterns

I basically want to split a whole bunch of patterns is have to go from 64 rows to 32 rows, keeping all the notes of course.

is there a sort of opposite functionality of “Join Selection” ?

or is the way to go to duplicate a pattern and do it via that route.

No, but that’d be a neat feature I think…

I use the following functions for split/select types > copy/paste:

  • Mark Column above current line
  • Mark Column below current line
  • Mark Track above current line
  • Mark Track below current line
    Also available:
  • Mark Pattern above current line
  • Mark Pattern below current line
  • Mark Column in Block Loop Range
  • Mark Track in Block Loop Range
    Functions located at:
  • Preferences -> Pattern Editor -> Selection

Experiment with them, I hope you’ll find them useful

thanks for the tip 00.1!
“Mark pattern in loopblock range” is useful for what i’m trying to do.

it would indeed be nice to have , in the pattern sequencer, a “Split pattern in loop block range” function

having a dedicated split function would offer a kind of solution to my problem from this other thread:

Pattern Link

(Btw, the copy/paste trick is not so useful on automation.)

We got Join, we need Split.

yes i agree.


deffo a good idea