Sponsor The Kaneel

Dear Renoisers,

As some of you might or might not know, the Renoise license of Kaneel, one of this community’s most lofty contributors, is in dire need of an upgrade. As most of you undoubtly know, France is Europe’s Third World country and the chance that Kaneel will be able to scrape together enough budget to upgrade his license is next to nil.

Therefore, I suggest we, as loving, caring and wealthy community, help our fellow tracker by sponsoring his new license, so that in the future, Kaneel will be able to bring you more groundbreaking tutorials, breathtaking glitch-hop, bring his invaluable opinions to this forum AND he WON’T have to quit smoking!

Let us help our French friend in need! Sponsor Kaneel’s new license! In the name of all that is hex!

Where do I donate my bananas?

2.5 is a good reason to quit though!

  • I thought the Dutch were cheap :wink:

If Kaneel can has PayPalz, then I iz in ur PayPalz donatin’ moniez.

Plz give NFOz.


Whaaat?! Kaneel is a joke?! O_o