Spooky/scary Music Suggestions

Hi all,

I’m pretty interested in what makes a piece of music scary… the idea of suspense and drama through sound and music is pretty exciting. I’m looking for some inspiration, or instruments/sound banks that could be useful for this type of thing.

So far I have the sound tracks from Event Horizon, Requiem for a Dream and 28 Days Later… do you have some recommendations? It doesn’t even have to be an OST.

As always, and help would be much appreciated!


The Twin Peaks soundtrack has some very creepy stuff on it as well as some kick ass jazz.
There’s also the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me soundtrack which is probably very similar.

EDIT: Just noticed the “Lynch” part of your screen name, coincidence or fate? ;)

twin peaks theme :D

tritones, minor seconds and augmented chords or intervals

Well, my own twenty two ten on my myspace.

I used mainly distorted basslines coupled with various dislocated vocal bits for an alienated feeling. I feel this music is pretty scary anyways. :)

A blaze in the northern sky by Darkthrone
Hvis lyset tar oss by Burzum
Drawing down the moon by Beherit

For full on brutal satanic scariness - The goat of mendes by Akercocke

Probably best to avoid this stuff if you’re a christian though

i use to think this was creepy listening:

the older stuff is much better in my oinion:
The Eyes Of Stanley Pain

Anything by Jessica “Real Girls Like Meat” Simpson.

first that comes to mind is:

future sound of london - isdn

HA! “Quit Fucking WITH THE LIGHTS!” :D

a remix with quotes from mccain and palin.



‘Li2CO3’ - Venetian Snares

the intro bit of ‘Pressure Torture’ - Venetian Snares

parts of ‘The Exploding Psychology’ - Squarepusher

‘Vacuum Garden’ - Squarepusher, listen to it on headphones

off the top of my head!

Oh, and Orbital - Philosophy By Numbers.
Scared me shitless when I was younger. Love it. :)

strangely nobody mentioned Paap`s masterpiece…


Shocking hobby is my favorite!!

hey spitfire !

you spelled “lynch” wrong :P

It’s “Linch”

intro to ‘where’s jack the ripper?’ by grooverider
some amon tobin tune that i cant remember - hang on
‘golfer vs boxer’ that’s the one - fuckin a