Spor latest release

I’ve been listening to the latest release from Spor and man, that things is nuts!

EDIT: I would just like to add something I noticed. I’ve been using YouTube Music to stream all of my music and the songs on there are considerably louder and more powerful. I just streamed this song (Let Me Be) back to back on regular YouTube and YouTube Music. There is a noticeable difference between the two and actually doesn’t sound that far off from my own mixes when just listening on regular YouTube. So maybe something to consider…


I think if Spor (also named “Feed me”) would have make music at the time of the “Renegade Hardware” Label,He should have been one of the Leads artist of this label…

Everyone who know NeuroFunk music understand that is for saying that he is one of the most intelligent Neurofunker…And He doesn’t destruct ears like modern “pseudo” neurofunkers does

His setup has evoluted…more liquid sound than before
I think in 2 years,He will show his real expertise of sound engineering
In 6 month if he use VCV rack as a midi processor
The best neurofunkers know that this style of music is a sane competition…Linux spirit

Funny you should mention Renegade Hardware, he actually has a release on there:

He had a couple more releases on Barcode Recordings.

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Te loop is looped…:+1:‍‍