Hi. If any, what sport do you do? I’m interested!


I used to play some pool. Not sure if it qualifies as a sport. :D

Also, I ride a bicycle at summer. Not much though, maybe few thousand km per year. I have taken part of few races too. But nothing to brag about, I do it for fun, not for competition or fitness.

Played Ultimate Frisbee for 17 years at a reasonable competative level until 3 years ago. I still love to play a nice offence, but don’t have a team ATM. Anyway, I’m getting old, and didn’t do much those last 3 years, except a bit of running with our dogs. But right now I re-start a bit of running to get going again.

(Oh, and I used to go skiing, but the destruction of nature by the masses made me sick and finally stop.)

None honestly. And I feel quite bad about it but it’s really difficult to find the willpower to move myself. :(


Snowboarding and some bodybuilding (ie doing it w/o the goal of getting HUGE).

Does sitting count? :P

/me is sooo out of shape at the moment…

Swimming, twice a week. Plus cycling and hill climbing when out for pics.

Fencing, great sport.

a little bit of jogging…
not very social, but it’s kinda easy + steals little time from my music-time… guess that’s why I enjoy it :)


putting these around your arms while tracking:

building up mad muscles in my hands and arms atm.

soccer once a week and ski once in few years

i watch fussball bundesliga live every weekend.
and whilst doing so, i eventually arise in an overly sporty fashion to grab a beer.
besides that, i do a lot of workout on the ps3.

boxe 3 times a week

after one day sitting in the office i go to the gym and give all i got

being exhausted returning home is a great feeling

i don’t do matches but i train really hard

Sex with my girlfriend. Most effective!

I actually sadly or gladly thought that it’s really the only sport I do…
Hopefully it still counts as sport.

As long as you don’t get sent off for foul play…

Anyway… back to sport… I was pretty useless in sport at school until I discovered cross country running and volleyball. Haven’t done any since then, but I am into martial arts, started training in 1985 and forgot to stop. I do eat, work, sleep, mess with renoise etc etc in between though.

I guess that’s the trick, forgetting to stop :slight_smile: I never had any particular sport that that caught me like that…

I do some jogging when I’m taking care of my parents dog though. It helps to have some fun company!!

Skateboarding, swimming, basic weight training in gym (to alleviate a compressed disc in my back from aforementioned skateboarding), basic yoga (again, for bad back).

Used to ski, snowboard, and do kung-fu, but don’t have the time these days.

Kids or it never happened.

Yes it counts, I can confirm that having sex with your girlfriends is a great workout.

Mr Mark, which sports do you enjoy? Now you have me wondering =D