Spotify collaborative list

Hey people, I just made a list with artists that I know use renoise to make music.
Please add more artists to it!


Nice, but Spotify just exploits most artists.

Better to post links to where people can buy the music.


Ωραίος ο Τάσος

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Oh, thank you for inlcuding me too. :slight_smile:

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Nice one, good idea. Added some of my own renoise-made productions, hope that’s allright :slight_smile:

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I added two tracks from my two different projects.

By the way, there are still looot of Renoise artists to be featured! :slight_smile: :point_up:

Yes, but , the way I see it, a list like this would help some artists

Go on, add them then!! :slight_smile:

I use Renoise, on Spotify I go by Qlas Beats

On band camp however I have like 40+ beat tapes.

Have a nice day!

@EatMe @Robb_Walker @KnownUn added :slight_smile:


Hey! No-more Renoise users here on Spotify? Just tell or add one of your track in the list! :pencil2:

Added one of my tracks.

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