Spotify Do You Have An Account?

I´m sorry I don’t have any to give away.

Just wanted to know if Spotify is “big” outside of sweden?

Spotify is quite big in Finland as well. I use it almost on a daily basis and I’m seriously considering the Premium account.

For those who have no idea what Spotify is, check here.

I will probably get a premium quite soon to :)

Btw I love you music dFast, actually made a search for it on Spotify :)

i use it. tis nice. (=

post sum links mah brothas!1

Yeah I have an account but it’s the same as with Jenoki, there really is not that much music I listen to on it…

not much electronica…they’ve got classical versions of aphex though :blink:

I you don’t have Spotify you should try Grooveshark.

Well try it even if you have Spotify.
Its like Spotify but in many ways better.

Though I find the loadtimes slightly longer.

Trying Grooveshark right now and found some music not available on Spotify. Cool! Thanks for the tip!

I like for finding new music. Put in an artist you like then listen to the radio station and it will play similar music.

Spotify doesn’t work in Canada… but Grooveshark does! Thanks for the suggestion splajn :D

I’ve never really used the radio but is really great even if you don’t, I’ve found tons and tons of great new stuff through it.

11 years later and the company still don’t earn a profit, gives crumbles to musicians while giving themselves the highest wages, bonuses and lavish offices in the industry. I don’t really like that company behavior but sadly the masses have decided it’s the place for music


Pretty surie thats an old myth they make a profit these days

They have negative net income while growing their revenue on a digital product for years, something isn’t right with that company but of course they’ll earn profit once they stop giving it to themselves in spades.

I used to use Spotify a lot, but after 5 or 6 years of a premium sub, I owned nothing and it just felt like pouring money away, On top of which, they pay pennies to any artist that isn’t multi-platinum award winning etc.

Much more ethical now to just buy music, either Physically or via places like Bandcamp. In addition, Spotify doesn’t have many older DJ mixes that I like to collect and some newer albums (like the numbered Fabric mixes) don’t stay on there for long.

By all accounts I regret being a customer for so long. Exacerbated by them bunging millions of currency at Joe Rogan and his unique brand of bullshit. I will happily pay money for music, but more than 0.0000001% (hyperbolic, I know) needs to go to the artist.


Right, large labels also have special contracts paying them more essentially screwing independents and maybe even forcing them to sign with a popular label when everything is said and done. Screwed.

They try grow the market share and it certainly help them explain their losses. I used to like Joe Rogan because he let all voices be heard but he has sold out ($100m) and is now willingly letting himself being censured, Spotify have removed 42 of his episodes to date.

Serious question: Who needs Spotify and what for?

If I’m a musician willing to sell my music, I go to Bandcamp.
If I’m a customer willing to buy music, I go to Bandcamp.
If I’m a user willing to listen to music online, I go to Bandcamp, Youtube or Soundcloud.

Why should I pay for something, which is not fully supporting every music style and its musicians? Why should I pay for music streaming if I could stream for free? Why should I pay for music I won’t own? Why should I pay for music if the musician being responsible for this music gets nothing? Why should I pay for music if I couldn’t listen to it anytime anywhere I want? Me, as a musician, customer and user, would NEVER use Spotify or similar. That’s what I just wanted to have said once. There are way better options! Not to mention all the other music portals, which are not as good as Bandcamp, but in any case better than Spotify or any other streaming things…

So my call for all:
Don’t support breadheads and companies who treat you like shit!
You deserve something better! You don’t need this shit, this shit needs you!


For exposure since the masses have decided it’s the go to streaming platform, it just sucks it has become this popular.

Purely from an user experience perspective:

  • bandcamp is a super slow website compared to spotify.
  • I have to “buy” music before being able to do playlists. I don’t even find playlists. The website looks like myspace from 2005.
  • The subscription model to get all music that you want is the model that prevails: see netflix vs renting movies.

So maybe “the masses” just do what is the most practical for them ?

Even if the subscription model would be the model that prevails (which I don’t think is the case at this point, maybe in future), why should an artist who wants to earn money be interested iin publishing his music on a website which pays 0,003 USD average per stream? And if you’re not popular, you earn nothing, because you don’t create that much streams. So to me it seems not to be worthwhile wasting my time with it. And if the “masses” would prefer the subscription model in any case, you also wouldn’t get anything out of “exposure”.