I would like some more people in my people list. I only have a profile, I’m not “on” Spotify as an artist or anything (probably never will be either).

My username is: robbify28

Hit me up, yo!

Hint: If you want to add people just type spotify:user:username in the search box. Click +Add username. The profile/user should now be in Main -> People. Click Add to Favorites once you added them and they will show up in the View -> People List.

I’m on as chunter16, waited so long for it to come to the US and then it turned into some strange Facebook-locked thing ;)

I like the way it works on my wireless though, so I have a subscription. Since I make about $0.02 per month on Spotify plays, we’ll say it costs me $9.97 per month. ;)

Hey Chunter!

I already have you in my peoples list. :) Found you a little while ago. $0.02/month! Wow! Been looking for that private-jet yet? ;)

Anyone else who want to share his/her Spotify-username?

It’s appreciated all the same, but that’s what the job is for…

Been using Spotify ever since it launched here in Finland, updating quite a few playlists and one of them is public - even got some subscribers, yay! Boogie Funk Extravaganza by dfast, although I do put some less groovy tracks in there every now and then. But it’s mostly boogie for those who enjoy it :)

Hey dfast!

Totaly worth checking out. Took the liberty to add you to my peoples list. Hope you don’t mind. :)

My username is jem7vwh. I am mainly listening albums and public playlists so I doubt you will find any super-interesting playlists in my profile. But I am a big fan of Spotify and it’s interesting to see how this community will evolve. So feel free to add me and send me your favourites :)

@tomij7: Added. :)