St-01 Samples In Renoise

I’ve been listening to a lovely musicdisk called Tracked in Time which uses only samples from ST-01, the original sample disk that came with Ultimate Soundtracker.

Inspired by the crunchy sounds I heard, I decided to get these samples myself. Some kind fellow has uploaded a zip file with not only ST-01, but over 100 other ST disks. Unfortunately, the samples are raw wave files (“8bit pcm signed no endian. alex said 8363Hz on IRC. They’re RAWs, no wav header”), which Renoise can’t use! I can convert individual samples using Audacity, but the hell if I have the patience to do them all.

So can anyone recommend a batch converter to change raw files into proper wavs? Or maybe there is another solution…?!


First of all, go into Renoise’s preferences, and look at the Im/Export section. In here you can set the default format for any raw samples which are loaded. You cannot choose 8363hz specifically, but 8000hz is there and will probably do the job just fine. You can also choose between 8-bit or 16-bit, signed or unsigned, big endian or not, etc.

Now, go to the Disk Browser in Renoise, go to the Sample option, and finally enable the [.] button in the file list. This will force the disk browser to show any files, including all the raw samples you have. When you load any of these raw/unknown samples, they will default to the settings you have set in the preferences. If the sample does not seem to load correctly, or sounds distorted, you simply have to experiment with signed/unsigned/big endian/etc. in the preferences. But the info that Alex has provided will be correct, I assume.

Update: I just grabbed the ST-XX pack myself, and the samples do in fact load correctly in Renoise using the raw settings. No need to convert any of them.


Great stuff, that works fine.

The samples are out of tune when you import them this way. This is probably because of importing them at 8000hz rather than 8363hz. However, if you set the base note down a semitone, then that seems to put them in tune (I’m using Synth1 as a reference).

Thanks for the help!

a little tip:
when loading samples, renoise defaults to cubic interpolation.
to avoid a loss of in the upper frequency range / getting a muddy sound, i recommend switching to linear interpolation on the lofi ST-xx samples.
you’d have to individually change that setting for each sample after loading it.

Don’t forget to use lofimat liberally :P

thank you for the st-samples. just listening trough the stuff makes me feel good, thinking of the old PROTRACKER and OCTAMED times…

grx: d

Thanks for the kind words :)
Actually Soundtracker Funk by Axel is done with Renoise,
so at least there these ST-01 samples have worked fine.

DJ Joge /Brainstorm