If anyone wants to be nostalgic, here’s a links to ST-01, the first (?) tracker sample pack! :lol:

The complete ST series can be found here on Aminet.

well i know the st-0x discs … i started with 3 disks on the amiga 13 years ago … :rolleyes: :D


just for the record, i had st-01 up to st-03 initially, i went up to st-89 with filled with own sampled stuff. I HATED THIS PLST EDITOR! no more manual loop point offsets please ! :o

a couple of years ago i downloaded whole this aminet site B)

I had St-01,-02 and -03.

I had no Internet connection during that years, and actually I had no idea of the existence of the demoscene and the tracking community, so I used that 3 disks for about 3 years, adding some personal ST- disks (ST-xx, ST-zz, ST-00, ST–1…).

They still lay somewhere into my room. Too bad they can’t be read by PC diskette drivers…

Startrekker days… :wub:

lol… :lol:

hehe, really, i got 7 CDR’s in rar :)

Has anyone ever read the “ReadMe.txt” coming with Protracker? :huh:

I never thought one day I was going to make it clear about this :D

The point is that “ST-” is the standard prefix that the first tracking programs used when formating ANY floppy disk.

As you may understand, this means that noST-XX series” was ever released by anyone… and obviously there is little sense in calling it series.
Any disk formated in an old tracker was supposed to come out with such name… so, if you like it better, we might as well say that there is an endless series of ST-XX collections: a lot of people (and that includes me) thought about creating their own sample-disk and found themselves formating one from their “DiskOps”, resulting in a new ST-something.

I remember all this because it was explained in my first Protracker’s ReadMe.txt (or was it help.txt?). It introduced the topic in the FAQ with a funny line, going more or less like…

Question> I have the complete ST-xx disk collection…
Reply> No, you don’t.
(etc etc)
:lol: :lol:

PS: agh… look what I’ve found there… :ph34r:PRZK? :rolleyes:

If I remember it right Karsten Obarski released 3 disks together with the origianal SoundTracker, so everybody that have the first 3 disks have the complete collection ;)

yeah i wasn’t even around the scene when those ST disks appeared. must be very interesting (jawdropping too…) stuff back then. must be the good ol’ 80s.

anyone intends to make chiptunes with them in renoise? :)

Yup! I guess you are… I remember Peter talking about you. If I recall correctly you also had a lot of good ideas…


Protracker V2.3 Release A - © 1992 Mushroom Studios / Noxious 1/1-1993

Protracker is a Public Domain program, and may may be copied freely and
included in any PD library. You may not charge anything for the program
other than the cost of the disk and the PD-service.

*** This is an printable version of the file ***

Written by: Peter “CRAYON” Hanning
Layout & Help: Anders “Dolphin” Ramsay

Thanks must go to the following for contributing with suggestions and
bug-reports: Gahn, Reverend D, Dolphin, all members of Noxious.
Devistator/EOC1999 Spirou/Visual Design Sun/Dreamdealers
The Green Lark/Aliens Matrix/LSD (Thanks for the source!)
Deltabar Dilonardo Toni Maenpaa Markus Jentsch
Alex Kunz Tritoon/AlphaFlight[/b]

Let’s vote for an Amiga-compiled Renoise jk

lets talk about amiga port again when os4.0 is officially released.