St Arts Project

Hi Renoisers!

I want to represent my music that is created with Renoise. I am amateur musician from Finland called “ST Arts” and I’ve made music from 1993 with different trackers. I started with Amiga and ProTracker… I used title “Stamen” at those times, so my stuff is modscene music, you can find my old songs from modarchive.

Back to the present… so, my music has very 80’s feel to it becouse I love music from that era. My music is mostly synthpop and spacesynth mixed with demoscene influences.

My homepage & music:

I’ve used Renoise for about one year now, and I think it is the best tracker ever. Of course I’ve registered it, I love the new 1.9 update. Absolutely fine.

Saul T

hehe… your sound sure brings back a few memories… nice to hear that someone still keeps the old demoscene vibe going… :drummer: