Stacked Samples Losing Focus

Hi there,

guess this is no biggy and maybe already fixed:

instrument-settings -> sample view -> have 4 layered samples mapped to the same note (C4) -> E.g. Sample 3 is selected. I’m working on sample-specific volume etc.

So far so good, but whenever I press Q (C4) on the Keyboard, focus on sample 3 is lost and focus jumps to sample 1.
I guess because sample1 is the first sample which is assigned to C4

So I always have to re-select sample 3. This is really cumbersome for creating stacks of samples which share the same range(s).

If you don’t want that Renoise auto-selects played samples, there’s an option in the Sample Editor and Key zones -> “Auto-Select Played”

Oh yes, I’ve missed that. Thanks for the hint. Problem solved