Stacking Multiple (or Different) Vsti's In 1 Instrument Slot

Dunno if this is mentioned before;…the possibilty to load in different or multiple instances of the same vsti in 1 instrument slot -> just like you would do when you’re, for example making a drumkit with samples in 1 instr.slot.

This would offer the possibilty to play multiple vsti by hitting one key at the same time, for stacking sounds / make super phat detuned trance leads ;) or split the keyboard for different sounds.

you’d prolly have to check the volume settings in each plugin + could pottentially drain cpu with heavy vsti, but still there is some creative potential here :) at least, I think it would be cool.



This suggestion i have seen coming on the alpha board as well.
In a lot of cases playing vsti’s simultaneously may work out if they don’t eat too much CPU.
There are however a few cons if the VSTI’s you combine do eat a lot of CPU:
Not being able to turn them off and possibly also hard to send note-off’s to a specific VSTI in that instrument that needs this to shut up (to get out of sustain mode).
It may be better if instruments could be linked or attached to a link-instrument so you can still send note-offs to the other individual instruments if they need it.

I remember some of us talking about this a long time ago, to double melodic lines and such, but I think it the way it was thought was to assign different instruments to the same track in some way, and have some way of controlling it with effect commands, so that they could be used both seperately and combined, without having to have several instances of the same VSTi’s.

jonas: Your suggestion was one of thr reasons I bought energyXT a week ago. Being able to stack how many vst-instruments you’d like in one slot and also being able to create all kinds of crazy arpeggio on each of the instrument really appealed to me. So, that’s my tip for now. Try it with energyXT.

‘Try it with energyXT’

yes a lot of people refer to eneryXT every time there are suggestions here :) I might have to get this some day, but I’d rather see it implemented in this great program. The way instrument slots are set up right now for samples, it shouldn’t be that hard to construct something similar for vsti’s, right?

The cpu limits are obvious, but by using simple ones… wouldn’t it be cool to be able to create drumkits out of different vsti’s, layer them across the keyboard. Endless potential.

I also see a lot ppl saying “I would shell out more cash for Renoise if it would have this or that.”
While some of the “this” or “that” options are supported by energyXT or solvable by using it.
So if willing to shell out extra cash, put it in energyXT… extra benefit is you have the option to put some of the VSTI load to the other core when setting HT cpu affinity to the second core for eXT and having Renoise consume the first core. This only works if you use eXT as single application connected through a virtual MIDI-cable though.
(You can’t set affinity to any extra loaded DLL plugin unfortunately)

I’m unable to test this fastly because I will probably be able to use renoise only on wednesday, so I simply suggest this:

suppose you want to play VSTi1 and VSTi2 together.

set up instr01 as VSTi1 and instr02 as VSTi2.

set up instr02 also as a MIDI instrument, with parameters of your choice, then set up instr01, if possible, to receive MIDI data from the interface and channel you set up for instr02.

why not just play those vsts simultanuously in separate tracks? yeah, sure you would have to make 1 extra step to copy paste a track, but is it such a big deal?? and its advantage is that you will have greater control for your creativity over filters and effects you can add to each vst (or should i say track) to blend them together etc