Stagea Els-01c

Makes me wanna buy one :)

Demonstration video

Well, that’s definately a very, very good rompler… But the pricetag… ouch.

And that accent is really cute. “Visit your nealest Yahama Dealel. Thank you fol watching!”

Fuck Renoise.

You know, i dont get it. We have electronic right, lets make electronic music, lets create new rules for new posibilities, why do we have to mimic natural sound.

Nah, let’s digitize the whole world, I say. And btw, I can’t even listen to 100% purely electronically-generated (means sans sampled sounds) music, it feels way too cold for me.

Music is always reflection of reality, my point is - people are cold these days, and music too ( and i dont mean another ice age)

Edit: and yes, i like autechre a lot