Stalcon - 12 Tracks

I’ve uploaded a bunch of breakbeat oriented tracks to my alternative Soundcloud account and I didn’t want to spam the forum with a topic for each track.

All music was arranged in Renoise. The samples were designed by myself using my hardware equipment, except for the usual breaks and vocal samples.

Enjoy! :D

Listened to Teknology, has that distorted breakcore formula down to a tee, not a big fan of that particular fm bass sound myself, but that is a matter of taste, like it doubling up with the rave stab though, drums roll nicely snares style, could have gone with a gabber kick in the last minute to finish it off properly :wink: , maybe would be nice to have more variation in the second half? Change up the bass sound?

Anger rolls nicely else well, melody is similarly repetitive with a looping bass theme all throughout, think you should try out shuffling those notes around, stack, layer them with more sounds over time? Maybe not, keep it minimalist.

Dong dong, last track I’m checking, need some breakfast, yeah…good jungle, not much I can say :). Loving the beats!

Will check out the other jungle tracks when I get my boterhams met pindakaas! Groeten uit Nijmegen!

Thanks for listening Jonas! I appreciate your feedback as well. :)

Personally I’m loving the sound of the bass in Teknology (it’s a Moog Little Phatty through a Fold Distortion), that’s also why I didn’t change the sound of it throughout the track. As for finishing off with a gabber kick, I prefer the tekno kick, though I must admit I haven’t tried using a gabber kick. I used the pad for sound variation in the second half and later on the piano comes back in (after the guy that’s shouting my name), at that point the rhythm is also getting denser. But, I’m a minimalist by heart so I usually don’t add too much variation. Check one of these releases and you’ll know what I mean.

As for Anger, I wanted to make a drill’n bass track without too much hassle. A friend of mine calls most breakcore “potten en pannen muziek” and I wanted to convince him otherwise, haha.

Dong Dong is probably the track I’m most proud of in the field of breakbeat music. I’m glad you’re loving the beats! :D

Hope you’ve enjoyed your breakfast.

Groeten uit Èrnem! ;)