Stand alone Player.

howdy folks,

sorry for maybe asking a question a second time but there was no
really answer to find.

it is planed to release a stand alone player like modplug or xm-play
which tracker - musicians can include in their web - releases? i really
hate it to distribute huge mp3 - files which cost muchas webspace and
of course traffic. besides this i always prefer to release tracks in their
original format to prove that my stuff aint faked loop - stuff or something
similiar and to help some people who gonna start with tracking.

this was the idea behind radical rhythms and actually for monolab.

renoise is a really amazing tracker with rather goodie stuff, like the
effects (pattern controlled etc) and after 3 hours i got the idea to
handle the programm in basics. as hardcore amiga pro-, noise- and
finally fastracker 2 user not so bad :). just working on a new disco
house track and it´s really phun to track with renoise. fuk, i love
the filter and reverb effect.

looking forward for answers and keep up your good work.

thanks for reading this post.

regards from germany,

then distriibute not-so-huge OGG files :rolleyes:

anyway, I also think that a ReNoise player would be great, even if obviously VSTi-driven modules would not be played.

a DLL would be great too, or better would be greater ;)

Cosmic :
yes, a player and/or lib is planed but has not that high priority for us.
wip may change this …

I’ve had that problem too some times in IE. Delete cookies, restart browser and check “no” to “remember me” seems to work. The strange thing is that it isn’t always this way… (everybody should use mozilla, much much better :yeah:)

:D wip is “Work In Progess”, the page where upcoming features are written. A voting system is coming soon, so registered users can decide which features are most important.