Stand-alone Vst's Won't Show On Macbook

Hi there!
I’ve got a few standalone vst’s on my windows computer and I got the mac versions as well for my macbook.
I just installed the vsts on my mac and they work in renoise as a AU (audio unit) but not as vst.
The problem is; I made a song on my windows computer and transferred it to my mac but I get the error that those vst’s cant be found. (because theire recognized as AU, not as vst)

A few weeks ago I had those same vst’s installed on my mac and they were recognized both as AU and VST but I had to install a new image on my macbook so everything got erased.
Does anybody know how I can make the VST’s show up as VST’s? I dont know what file is the “.dll” file on a mac so that I can set that as VST folder in Renoise.

VST’s don’t work on Mac. From now on Audio Units are your friend.

But that means there is no way I can load a song with vst’s from my computer to my macbook? :(
I knowfor sure I did it once!

If you really managed to do so, you are one step away of becoming very very rich.
Seriously… it’s impossible… If it WAS the possible, this world would be a better place.

I have the same problem, unable to load all my older material and forced to slowely
rebuild my plugin library. I really really miss my Edirol Orchestra, Albino 3, Satyr and
most of all Izotope Ozone…

Well, this is not strictly true. There are in fact VSTs available for Mac, but people tend to wrongly assume that if they have a VST for Windows then it must work on Mac as well. While VST is a cross-platform API, the plug-in still has to be compiled separately/uniquely for each platform. VSTs for Windows are of course contained in the Windows DLL format, while VSTs for Mac are contained in whatever the equivalent is for Mac… I don’t know the correct terminology… a package? Anyway… Many of the popular plug-ins (such as Albino) do come in Mac VST format, but the AU format is arguably becoming the most popular.

So they were working before? Well, my guess is the following:

There’s a check-mark in the Renoise 2.0 preferences to enable VST. It’s OFF by default to promote platform specific plug-ins. Maybe you forgot to turn it on?

(I also believe this is a design flaw and all plug-ins should be scanned not just AU … but that’s for Taktik to notice and me to re-argue, hi there! :) )

With that said, everything dblue said stands.

Plus, even if you used a plug-in on windows that has an osx equivilant it might not translate over because the name/id could be different. Same thing happens with upgraded plug-ins on the same platform. Renoise has no easy way of remapping this info.

the camel vsts work on mac.
but i tried to get some other vsts the other days, and they didn’t work. are there any recplacements for vsts on mac?

Try the VST-AU adapter:


Do you know how well does this program works? Does it convert any VST to AU or just basic stuff?
Is there a place somewhere with more additional info / reviews of this soft? Because it seems to be
worth the 75 euros. Thanks!

I think the VST-AU adapter is more for platforms like Logic that have dropped VST support in favour of AU only. I don’t think you’ll gain anything from this plug-in with Renoise on a mac. From the new Renoise Wiki:

[i]About Macintosh Plug-ins

There is much confusion when it comes to Macintosh VST/VSTi due to the history of the platform.

Up until 2006 all Macintosh were built using PowerPC processors. If you have a G4 or G5 then you have a PowerPC. Nowadays, all Macintosh computers are built using Intel x86 processors.

A lot of old Plug-ins were made before 2006 and never updated. These plug-ins are known as PowerPC specific. These old plug-ins will only work on a G4 or a G5. They will not work on newer Intel Macs.

Universal binary Plug-ins are compiled in a special way which allow them to operate on both PowerPC and Intel Macs. The symbol used to indicate this feature is the Yin-Yang. These types of plug-ins work on all Macs.

As PowerPC dies out, Macintosh Plug-ins are expected to become Intel Only. These newer Plug-ins will not work on PowerPC machines.[/i]


Thanks for the info. Already stripped the net off free AUs.
Too bad though, was hoping to use Glitch and Ozone again ;)