Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning

dont mean this to be spam, so if its been posted already, then the search cant find it.

its pretty damn funny!
with some rather breathtaking CG cinematics at the end, an a hell of alot of dark humor in between.

its 100% free to download an is licensed under CC. its on bittorrent also.

That movie is even listed on IMDB :) I saw it one year ago in local television. This movie is a MUST.

Nice one, thanks! Much better than Star Wars Revelations

And it’s in finnish? Or better yet: English with finnish accents?

Downloading now @ 200k/s, fastest torrent leech I’ve encountered. :D

The torrents don’t download at all… one of them has no sources, the other one has 18 but doesn’t seem to be able to find a seeder.
I had more luck with the FTP mirrors (which you can find on the right) which do also ultrafast for me… :)

I´d rather watch THIS!

I wondered how they got on earth on the first place…
It seems it happened here:…mp;q=star-wreck