Start And Stop Audio Recording Pattern Commands

An addition to new line-in functionality:
A pattern command for start and stop recording to sample from line in.

Example of usage:
I put start command at row 16 of pattern 17 and end to row 48 of pattern 21. Then I play back song from pattern 12 and jam with my guitar along, or have my synth playing some cheesy stuff etc. Then when playback hits the spot, and hits anoher, I have a new sample of what was playing from line in at the moment freeing me to improvize along the song I hear in background.


exactly, EXACTLY same what i was thinking about few days ago…this would be killer! pushing renoise to next level on jam sessions… 8)

excellent idea! I’d like to add mine too:

would be great if you will have opportunity to click on RECORD button, song will be at StandBy [paused] and the moment you start playing something on keyboard [on epmty track] - notes will start recording while the song or pattern will start playing. :) I hope you get the idea… This was possible in OSS [if I remember correctly]…

[For now Ill have to hit Play&Rec and wait until the pattern loops fully, and the first next time it goes from the beginning -> Ill be able to record live…] Programmers -> plz consider this idea :]

Punch in and out would be great!