Start/End difference to lines?


After you make a selection inside the sampler you are provided with the slice values of start/end and the difference of the two.

How can you turn this difference into lines in the pattern editor?

As in by looking at this value and using a real pen&paper + math in the real world determine how many lines down the pattern editor (and perhaps an “imaginary” “delay” value) does it take for the selection to stop playing once triggered.

I can’t wrap my head around it. Any help from someone smarter would be appreciated.

Pretty sure the amount of time between those two slice points is determined by the pitch and thus varies.
Think the Beatsync feature can help control this if desired.

Yes it does vary. And after some deep thinking I came to the conclusion that there are so many parameters that change how this value is represented on pattern editor + the inherent 256 limit on effect values make it so that there is no cookie cutter method that works every time.

What if you set the bottom ruler in the sample editor to beats, then figure out how the selection relates to the LPB (lines per beat) setting?

You’re amazing. It never crossed my mind.

My thinking wasn’t deep enough.

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