Start Point For Samples?


I can’t figure out how to set the start point for a sample.

I know that I can just delete the sections I don’t want, but that seems like a very long way around.

I often load up a long sample and want to just test out different bits of it - place the cursor in the middle and try playing it from that point. Is there any way to do this?

I know that you can use the 09xx commands to jump around the sample, but that’s not what I mean. This is more for auditioning and finding the right bits.

Any help gratefully received



In the sample editor, you have a play button. If you press this, it will playback from the position you have set the marker

Return/Enter is mapped to that feature by default.

You can also click on the sample with the middle mouse button to begin playback from that point.

yay, a new thing every day! it would be great if that didn’t reset the selection though…

this is cool…thx dblue :)

That’s very handy, thanks a lot.

But when the sequence plays, or you trigger the sample from a keyboard, it will still play from the start of the sample, rather than this arbitrary point?

As I type these words, I seem to recall a phrase in the renoise doc saying “you can’t play a sample from an arbitrary point”. Hmmm.

Sorry I can’t try it out, I’m not within reach of Renoise today.

You launch a sample from an arbitrary point using the 09xx pattern effect, but you won’t hear it until you play the sequence.

Correct. No arbitrary point start I’m afraid, no offset start (so you put the note on the first beat but there is actually a pre-tail which starts playing earlier) and it is limited to the 256 values of XX Hex.

The sample editor window does have a ruler across the bottom which shows the 09xx value for a given point though, so at least you can see which value get you near without random experimentation.

sorry for digging up an old thread, but is this still true?

do i have to cut the start of the sample off if i want a different default start point?

whats wrong with using the 09XX command ?

09xx is not accurate enough for many purposes.
It’s a pain in the ass to add 09xx commands to every single note in your song.

At the moment this is the best way to handle it.

If Renoise ever gets the ability to have a sample pool which can be shared by many different instruments, then it will of course make sense to have control over the sample start and end points that each instrument uses. But for now, you should simply trim your samples.

Well with the slicer the 09xx command turned a lot easier and more precise, but as you said, adding a 09xx for each note is a pain in the *ss
You also can’t remove the keyzones for the samples when using the slicer so this would actually render the 09xx option pretty useless if you would like to play a specific offset on a different frequency using that specific note. It is an issue that has to be resolved when expanding the XRNI structure though, else the slicer is only usefull for creating subloops and percussion elements but for now the new XRNI structure is limited due to the amount of time these changes consumes.So each new subrevision-update some more enhancements shall be added.

No currently not, the 09xx are static pattern data and they aren’t dynamic processable, well at least not realtime. (you can do a lot with scripting but for real-time intervention and action, the scipting engine runs in the wrong thread:The GUI thread)

IT-Alien once created a script to change loop-markers assigned to Midi controls:
It could perhaps be adjusted to set slices and then you can add a few 09xx commands fixed in the pattern, simply change the slice position of the sample slice attached to the programmed 9xx positions before the 9xx command is applied (i think this can be done because you can buffer actions without worrying about real-time intervention).
You have a problem if you have multilayered samples though, because you loose the existing layers when using the slicer.