Start Recording When Hit Chords?

Hi guys

I find this option something I need for a very long time but as usual - I am lazy to write about it. Or - maybe this option exists? I will explain:

Many times my pattern has to begin with played chords [for example, 3 or 4 tones pressed at once]. To make this happen I had to:

  • create rhythm or hit metronome,
  • hit play and if I can`t wait - hit F12 to go to the last 3/4 and wait several seconds and when Renoise starts playing from beginning, the same pattern:
  • I then start playing chords and they are recorded.

Or the other way is:

  • Go to beginning of the pattern I want to begin with chords,
  • hold LEFT SHIFT and press chord
  • Thats it.

But it is not helpful sometimes [and many times].

What I think would suit most my needs is to implement “Delayed Record Start” that can have two modes:

  1. RECORD-READY-MODE that will begin playing & recording on the same time, the moment I hit CHORDS on keyboard! This way - program could record chords on the very beginning of the pattern, and
  2. 4-times-Metronome-Click and then Recording will start. This way I will have time of few seconds to count and prepare for recording and playing chords.

Who knows - maybe those ideas are already implemented, but just in case, I am sending you ideas, that will help me and all other Renoisers outthere :)

Let me know what do you think.

All best

options / metronome precount etc

Ohh! It exist!!! Thank you!!! :)