Start/stop Individual Patterns In Renoise (rewire Slave) From Reaper


I was wondering if it’s possible to trigger start/stop of patterns in renoise from a rewire master (I use reaper) via midi commands. The reason is that I work mainly in reaper for the audio recording part (and some drum programming) and I’d like to play some patterns I program in renoise (because it’s way superior to the reaper midi editor in this case) at defined positions in my arrangement. Since the timelines of both applications are synced I don’t see a point in having renoise playing empty patterns until the position where I actually want renoise to play my stuff is reached.

Please excuse if this is a blatantly stupid question, but this is this is the first time I’m actually looking into using rewire in my setup.

Thanks in advance for any pointers and hints.

ReWire is position related in the amount of samples. What you want is maybe possible but then the author of Reaper has to implement the feature if you slave Renoise to it, because Reaper will have to supply a specific offset in samples to the other host.

It is not impossible to make such a thing but this would require some ReWire arranger mode. Ofcourse you can only stuff relative sample positions in a table though so there is not much more fancy you can do with ReWire i guess…

Ah I see. Okay, well it seems I have to resort to the empty patterns approach for now.

Thank you very much for the prompt reply!!