Start with different config


maybe someone know the magic cli argument for starting renoise with different config file/directory?

ive tried -C -config args but it shows error about “invalid color theme, import failed4”

My recollection from previous discussions about this is that you would need a script that managed copying/replacing config.xml.

There is no way to tell Renoise to load a specific Config.xml file.

pity, then i have to reconfigure for every instance i run for live setup ;|

Here a similar question is being asked, with solution for Windows:

On MacOS, it’s possible to take a copy of the entire application to get different configs -

but you can also use the approach used in the linked example (run Renoise from terminal)

I remember that i read somewhere that renoise is checking config file in the background (probably on forum) and though that this aproach is impossible :wink:

thanks, ill try it when ill get home!

I was going to mention my Configgy tool. I forgot it was discussed in that other thread.