starting out

Hi all, in my youth during that wonderful rave period of 89-95 (wish i could remember it all) i was a casual DJ in my local club in Leicester but longed to try my hand at producing. Even though i ended up selling all my gear even vinyl (such an idiot) i still kept my list of track ideas and sample sources - which i have recently found.

Now the questions:

Planning to do this on the cheap as its just for kicks, with that in mind what are the basics that i will need?

I already own a custom built gaming laptop that is more than capable of running Renoise so that side of the hardware is sorted.

A USB controller keyboard is a must but does anything stand out from the crowd ? (has to be something small like a 25 key due to space issues and bomb proof as i have a very heavy handed 3 yr old)

I also owned (past tense grrr) a Novation Bass station when they first came out and loved it for its techno/acid sounds and dutty bass - i knoww the bass station 2 is out now but is there anything similar at a lower price ?

Also owned a Yamaha RY-10 drum machine/rhythm programmer which was quite cool, i know the drum machine can be knocked on the head as its probably easier to slice n dice drum loops than to manually program one - but would the rhythm programmer be a worthy addition bearing in mind this is to be done on the cheap?

Thanks in advance people.

EDIT: would the bass station 2 be capable of being the controller keyboard ?

scratch that just found the answer which might just sway my thoughts on a stand alone usb controller

computer keyboard is best controller for renoise, and actually it is all gear you need :slight_smile: