Static Processing Buffers

I’ve noticed that when ’ static processing buffers is on ’ for the selected instr …there seems to be a small delay at the beginning of the rendered audio file , when rendering to sample and at audio mixdown ., in my case it’s about 7 ms.
Any good reason why I should leave this optin on ?

If it only provides problems, then turn it off.
The feature is there because some plugins don’t support dynamic buffering which can result into crackling audio or other anomalies that shouldn’t be there.

I was exporting a track and spotted a crackle in the rendered file. After playing around for over an hour now I realized that with this function enabled the issue is solved.

The Instinct plugin from Inertia Sound Systems (under Linux) caused a crackle only in the rendered file and always at the same position. This was not audible while playing the track in Renoise.

Just in case anybody hit the same issue…

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