Staticdrop & Monotron-Nl - Gunshot

Hiya Guys 'n Girls,

It has been a while since i posted a track here, but this track is worth it.
A new track I made with a friend from France, StaticDrop.

The track will be downloadable for the next three days, than downloads will be disabled.
So, if you like the track, take your change and push that download button ;)

Any comments on the track or more than welcome!!



sounds nice! (=

i guess you could make it even busier in parts to make it more intense. bring the hats/perc more to the foreground praps?

Thanks for listening and your feedback Maes!!

In which parts would you need more intensity?
I’ve got the feeling its allready pretty busy,
so extra intensity means the listener has to divide its attention, which can be a bad thing.

But, of course, that could be to my ears only, because i heared the track to often in just a few days ;)

Nice deep dark drum and bass. 3rd min start realy nice ;) Great d&b track.