"station Down"

My first Renoise 2.0 song.

Although I did not take advantage of the new timing system.
During the making of this song, I have noticed that the most important Renoise 2 addition for me, is the ability to show only the automated parameters in the automation menu.

Helped a lot.

So, here is the result

Station Down - online play + download on TiS
Station Down - direct MP3 download

I think Dream lovers, and melodic dance lovers may enjoy this.
All breakcore people, stay away… :)

Nice tune! Some “Jarre” influence maybe?

Subconsciously maybe… :)

“Drops” is good. Love the deep kick and nice stereo field.

Epic build ups, nice vibe overall.

Mixes up a bit of old school 8-bit tendencies with trance elements and high quality instrumentation.

Sounding good. Not what I usually listen to, but I can appreciate this.

Nice one.

Very nice Mate!! Love the atmosphere

Yes indeed,
It sounds just a little bit to 4/4 straith…

I don’t need to be big,
but maybe some rythm parts -? hihats ?- need some shuffle (or groove) I Guess

I sync my MC307 with it’s hihats along with my tracker…
and the snares are shuffled…

But it took me some years to implement tiny timing variations…

Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciate it.

Yeah, I know I was a little shy on the groove. I also received comments that I was a little shy on the pads… some of my friends like pads… a lot. :)

I guess at least in part, this was intentional.
With this song, I wanted to let the leads shine, and to provide a flowing melody top to bottom. Not too many breaks, and natural flow from one pattern to another.

Although I like groovy hats and percussion line, I do not think I do them very well and I end up annoying myself with the result… So I decided to stick with percussion line that I feel more comfortable producing.