Statistics of which VSTs used in songs?

Hello. I’ve been using Renoise for about 15 years with various computer setups - and naturally a wide variety of plugins - over those years. Usually the thing that happens on a new OS-installation when opening a song is that Renoise will tell me that this/that VST instrument/effect is missing.

I’m curious if there is a tool (inside Renoise or not) that can scan a folder of xrns-files and provide statistics of used VST-instruments and -effects, like:

  • which ones are used the most,
  • which ones were used over what period of time?

Given the openness of the .xrns filestructure I’m sure it’s technically possible to extract the data (although I even have a few .rns, though in much fewer numbers). No idea what would be the best way to present the data though.

I’m probably not alone when it comes to the hassle of haphazardly installing plugins, but not really remembering exactly which plugins I did use more than others. It would be cool to see actual statistics on what I used. :slight_smile:

zgrep might be helpful, perhaps something like:

zgrep -i ‘vst’ ./*.xnrs

Or substitute the ‘vst’ search term with the folder
name you use to store your vst’s.


Thanks Jek, that set me into the right direction. :slight_smile: I played around a bit and was able to get a top-list of the plugins I’ve used the most. I know this could probably be done much more neatly, but if anyone else is interested, my small process:

find “./” -type f -name “*.xrns” | while read fname; do zgrep -i ‘PluginDisplayName’ “$fname”; done > plugins.txt

Search recursively for .xrns-files and pipes each into zgrep that greps each line with PluginDisplayName and saves into plugins.txt

sed ‘s/^ *//g’ < plugins.txt | sed ‘s/Vst:/VST:/g’ > plugins2.txt

Removes leading spaces in each line and changes Vst: to VST: (a few of my .xrns had this variant, which affected the sorting later).

cat plugins2.txt | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn > plugins3.txt

Sorts the list of plugins, counts how many unique lines there is and then sorts this list from most to least.

Btw, here’s my top 25:

4971 VST: Christian Budde: posihfopit
2707 VST: Kjaerhus Audio: Classic Compressor
2407 VST: Daichi: Synth1 VST
2361 VST: mda: Envelope
2293 VST: Daniel Bosshard: Bionic Delay v1_2
2138 VST: Audio Damage: Eos
1031 VST: posihfopit
1002 VST: Synth1 VST
1000 VST: Daichi: Synth12 VST
754 VST: Arguru: Stardust
732 VST: Rune Lund-Hermansen: otiumFX BassLane
668 VST: Kjaerhus Audio: Classic Reverb
630 VST: digitalfishphones: SPITFISH
598 VST: Daichi: Synth13 VST
589 VST: energyXT: energyXT
534 VST: Bionic Delay v1_2
502 VST: Kjaerhus Audio: Classic Auto-Filter
487 VST: Digital Suburban: Dexed
392 VST: Unknown Vendor: SubFilterII
379 VST: BJ: LoFi
339 VST: Pieter-Jan Arts: Drumatic 3
292 VST: Steinberg: RetroDelay
282 VST: Knufinke: SIR2
277 VST: VoxengoSampleDelay
265 VST: SideKick V3: SideKickv3

Synth1 appears several times in different variants because when the plugin was actively updated my previous instruments would sound different in the updated version, so I started having several copies of the plugin and just renamed the newer dll-files, thus several appearances here.

Btw, I then redid the process but zgrepped for ‘PluginIdentifier’ instead, which seems to give better results.

5786 posihfopit
2970 Synth1 VST
2893 Classic Compressor
2736 Bionic Delay v1_2
2361 mda Envelope
2138 Eos
1000 Synth12 VST
827 Stardust
816 otiumFX BassLane
799 Classic Reverb
697 Classic Auto-Filter
598 Synth13 VST
593 energyXT
487 Dexed
453 VoxengoSampleDelay
447 SideKickv3
438 VST: Synth1 VST
392 SubFilterII
389 BJ LoFi
374 RoomMachine844
372 RetroDelay
339 Drumatic 3
286 Nomad Phaser
282 SIR2