Status 503 This Application Is Not Currently Available

i dont see any threads off hand that report this, but
i’m getting the 503 error message.
just wanted to make sure you know, which you probably do.
but hey thought i’d tell ya.

Confirmed! I want to update the updated b7.


Help! i can’t get to the backstage because of this error?:
HTTP Status 503 - This application is not currently available

anyone know for how long? i want to download the new beta :drummer:

its the same here

yep! the same here :(

i hope its just a maintenance issue and nothing serious.

it’s working now

Is the b7 on there different to the b7 I downloaded when it first dropped? I mean has it been updated but kept the same version?

Yeah I discovered that about 2 seconds after posting. I am now fully up to date. Thanks

good good good :)