Stay at home Share xrni instruments

Hey can we share our xrni?
lying in our hard drives ?

while we are all staying home
even snapshots of vst no matter where they come from ?

so I am going to start here

@keith303 uploaded some free samples in xrni form these are free samples offered by Sharooz Raoofi from his gear-packed LA studio.


this is my pack


my pack may contain some presets from this site and vst that I own or have owned cheers can everyone share some cool presets cheers!AnEzHuUpv9-bgu5KLRP7Ilk3C9gC4g?e=TpBrIL

Here’s a handful of things I’ve slapped together.



Here is a XRNI pack I made in line of the Principle Pleasure pack, but from an old audio CD from 1994 called Legacy. It was previously posted on Dogs On Acid here.
Cop the XRNI version here, enjoy!



this is actually decent

how do you get these samples to loop ?

Heya. I am from home and away from most of my files. From the few files I have with me, I have extracted some instruments that you might find useful. Drag & Drop file into renoise to install presets.

Viruspack.xrnl (2.9 MB)

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these are really nice to be honest they need work with silence at the end and looping could be areally nice pack I don’t have the skills tbh

Thanks, didn’t have the time yet for removing silence and looping, would take an immensely long time I don’t have (yes, even now).

yeah no it would is there a tutorial I realty like the juno 106 thick brass

thank u

Don’t think so, you just have to do it manually. There was a tool to remove detected silence and an option to find looping points in an early Renoise version, but the first acted strange in the latest version and the second got removed.

There’s always third party tools, if need be. Awave Studio, SampleRobot, and Extreme Sample Converter. I’ve demoed Awave and ESC, both do auto loops pretty well. Haven’t used Sample Robot, just looked into it.

lots of money for these programs i cant afford at the moment , it would be a really good xrni pack( reactor grits ) with all the cuts and loops , maybe someone here could
i would but id mess it up . cheers

Lol I figured naming my presets “virus pack” is not a good idea, casting doubt in people whether to install or not…

Ofc there is no computer virus in my file. Just 5 Instruments or so. Is just a zipped up file with manifest, so it can be installed as renoise presets

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i thought it was access virus lol

another good one