Stay On Top & Lock Position

no, this is not a kinky topic… ;)

i searched for this but couldn’t find it, so i’m posting it:

an option somewhere to make renoise the foremost window and/or lock it to its current position (i.e. we can’t re-size or move it around)

i don’t know what the proper name for this function is, so here are some alternative descriptions:

  • stay on top
  • pin
  • lock application window
  • disable window re-size
  • fixed x,y window position

after renoise is pinned, you’ll have to minimize it if you want to take it off the screen for a moment

otherwise it’ll always be the foremost window (until you switch off the “lock”)

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Why would it need fixed screen coordinates ?

Keeping Renoise up front is called “Modal”. Disabling Resize can be done by changing the window type of the frame and keeping it on a specific spot could be done by removing the frame completely.
But for what purpose would you like it to have a fixed position?

when running renoise together with other applications (rewire) i’m adjusting renoise so that it fits nicely into a specific area of the other apps (and change renoise theme so that it blends into the environment)

if renoise could be in that fixed position and modal, it would make things much easier in the workflow