steampunked keyboards or keyboard mods in general is a nice compliment to Renoise

I saw the keyboard that looked like an Remington typewriter. Really nice work.
But this is what I would like the most: a pressure sensitive PC keyboard! (now where’s the actual product?)

I’ve been to this blog a couple of times, interesting stuff there

there is never enough good steampunk. “the chaos engine” by the bitmap brothers on atari st/amiga/snes/sega megadrive remains one of my favourite games, and one of the most artistic games ever. bioshock, which i played the other day on a friends xbox 360 is vaguely steampunk, but the gameplay wasnt so great, even through the style was really nice.

Nice One! i’ve been looking to learn brass etching. :)

@ danoise
Nice, thanks for the link

@ genfu
I remember Chaos Engine, though I never got a chance to play it. Shadowrun, although cyberpunk, was my favorite & only game on the Genesis. Nice to see I wasn’t the only one to have liked the game very much.

@ choice
Looks interesting to get into. Learning necessary skills of the past like fire & flint knapping. I’m still trying to find time to learn rope knotting. Do be careful with the chemicals & procedures involved.

That has to be one of the oddest ideas I’ve ever heard of… it would have use with tracking… but honestly, when else would you need pressure sensitivity? Automatic bold perhaps? :P

<getting_fired>“er um, sorry sir… I really didn’t mean to bold THAT part…”</getting_fired>

Still one of my fav games. Got me into the genre and all.

Yes! And using HEAVY KEYSTROKES on such a keyboard would eventually cause excess pressure to be released thru the dedicated relief valves situated on each side. Careful of steam burns!

Srsly, tracking with one of those would be heaven.

I’m considering doing some darker industrial steampunk mods on some of my gear now… I should really look around for some ideas.

the laptop one is nuts:…mpunklaptop.htm

imagine pulling one of those out on a train. a steam train of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: