SteenRNS ,Uplifting ,progressive and melodic

Hello there.

Some info on me

Production name: SteenRNS
Age: 25 years old
Software: Renoise(Always been a tracker)
Music style: Dance ,electronica ,trance ,melodies in general.
Producing since: 1997
Started out with: Fasttracker 2
I listen to: Everything(yeah everyone says that ,but i do actualy.From Mozart to Immortal.)
What makes me special:
I base all my productions around good feelings. I never finish a song that does not give me any sort of emotions.
(Propably the reason why i have 800 unfinished projects.)
Contributors: My brother taught me to use fastracker 2 and also “masters” my songs in Cubase nowadays.
(Not anything like studio mastering ,but he improves my overall sound)

Been years since i last visited this forum.
Im returning to ask for some advice ,but also promote what i have created so far.
I create progressive ,uplifting and melodic trance mostly.
If you like melodies you`ll most likely enjoy what i make.
Its what i strive for in every song.

Feel free to critize anything in my songs.
I always need to improve ,even though i might not agree on everything you might say.
I have some personal tastes that i will not change.

Here`s my soundcloud
SteenRNS on Soundcloud

Subscribe if you want to hear more from me.
Im constantly releasing tracks on this page.

Thanks for your time ;)/>/>/>/>/>

Hi there… Just started following you on SoundCloud. Nice Jamz :)

P.S. The link in your post goes to soundcloud home instead on your own page. Code inspector says ‘’ - it shoud be ‘’ (just remove the ‘#’).


Fixed the link ^_^

Nice tracks on soundcloud…but I think a lot of your songs would sound really awesome with old chiptune/8bit sounds. In my mind, your melody structures just really fit the chiptune style, and I think it would give them more edge/tongue and cheek appeal. That is probably just my preference for that style over epic trance though. Anyway…nice job! :D I always appreciate some melodic synth action.

I did actualy make a couple of chiptune songs when i was 15-16. They were horrid though :lol:
Im familliar with the style and there are many artists on soundcloud going for that style.
Chiptunes are awesome ,but not exactly my style ;)

Released an experimental song last night. First time i have used sidechaining.
Breeding Electrodes
Any tips on improving the sidechain itself would be very much appreciated.
I feel like a total newbie ,tweaking those settings. :D