Steinberg Announces Wavelab 5 & Halion 3

Steinberg must have some huge expenses these days, they are trying to sell Wavelab5 for the mere amount of $852/€699/5200DKR, for a sample-editor, an advanced one though. They aim for the stars i guess… and end up getting the moon from me :rolleyes:

Okay, i’m out of whine, gotta find some more in a bottle :P

so who was asking for an advanced sample editor built in ReNoise? :P

well… steinberg live. And some people wonder why warezing has become so famous?

me :D

well i use soundforge actually… wavelab 4 is quite antiquated in terms of interface… personally, though.

but i’m not going to raise a sf vs wavelab war here :D

Don’t forget about CoolEdit/Audity :D

CoolEdit is dead … It’s now Adobe Audition … a little bit scary that all small low-price (think so - Soundforge > Sony) Apps are bought up by big companies …

I whish digidesign released a standalone version of their ProTools software. While 2000 and XP were on the market they only released a standalone for 98. I still don’t get it why they did that…

cooledit aka audition was never in the same league as wavelab and soundforge… in terms of features and price :) never really liked cooledit though… which i heard was a decent program.

im sure i will be pick this up. B)

It’s not just a “sample editor” though. It even has full DVD capabilities with up to 8 channels throughout the entire signal chain. Ah forget what I said before, as I first thought “multi-channel metering” said “multi-channel editing”. I thought it was also a multi-track editor, but either way I’m sticking to Sound Forge. B) I’m hoping for a new version of that and Vegas some time too actually.