Steinberg Cc121 Controller Compatible

Hi all,
I thought I would try and see if my Steinberg CC121 controller is of any use in Renoise, and it is.

I tested 2.5 beta using the MIDI learn button at the top of window - and its very easy to select
what you would like to map in Renoise to a button on the CC121.

Well done and thanks to the team for an easy to use MIDI learn feature, and also that the CC121
works with it - as that also gives more value to the CC121 instead of being a just Cubase piece of

Renoise 2.5 beta - :)

Thanks, have a good day

Notes: CC121 1.5 firmware, Yamaha v2 MIDI driver for XP SP3 (32bit), Renoise 2.5 beta 1