Steinberg The Grand 3 Dll

Hallo Forum, im using renoise for quite a while and am a big fan of it, but am new to the forum

so heres my question:

bought me the steinberg “the grand 3” virtuall piano suite, but am not able get it run with renoise :angry:

of course set the preference vsti plug in folder to the right direction ( and even copied the .dll into the vst folder), but the instruments setting won’t show the grand 3

or has it something to do withe vst3 standard, what i red about here in the forum already

any suggestions??? please help. thanks alot in anticipation

We don’t support VST3 plug-ins at the moment. You should use the VST2 version instead.

ah, ok danke! ;)

aba ich versteh das nicht, überall ist zu lesen, dass

“Bevor wir nun richtig loslegen, noch ein paar Worte zum technischen Hintergrund der Software, ihrer Installation und der Library. The Grand 3 läuft gleichermaßen auf PC und MAC als Standalone, AU, ReWire-Slave und natürlich als VST-Plugin. Erfreulicherweise wird neben VST3 auch die ältere VST2-Schnittstelle noch unterstützt. Auch Nutzer von…”

also wieso kann ich das vst plugin nicht laden. :blink:

hallo sevendance.

in english please.

maybe check if you have missed the installation of vst2 in the grand 3 installer.

or a wild guess: already checked for the steinberg / vstplugins dir. under c: ?!
iirc steinberg products often tending to silent install into its own directory.

hast du’s vielleicht bei der installation vergessen zu installieren (muss man meist extra auswählen)?
oder es hat sich völlig selbstständig wieder mal nach programme -> steinberg -> vstplugins kopiert.
mach(t)en einige steinberg- plugins immer so.

sonst knnte es auch sein, dass du nen extra setup/installer für vst 2.4 benötigst.

Aber kann das auch in dieselbe plugin? Ich denke das ein VST kein zwei schnittstelle unterstutzen kann. Sowieso musst die main() funktion angerufen werden mit genau so viel parameter wie programmiert (Wenn VST 2 weniger parameter hat dann VST 3, dann besteht hier schon ein problem). Aber gut ich habe keine Ahnung wie viel der Neue standart unterschied macht von der alte.

nice. :)

theres more diff. than you might think.
new preset format/management, sample-accurate automation, ui - dsp code detachments or native sidechain- ability to name a few.
but i think thats just minor enhancements.

oh and i guess his german text is a quote from steinberg site.
in the text they (steiny) say that theres is still support for vst2 besides vst3.
so he is asking why he cant load the vst2 plugin.

Yes, but i get the idea the text implicates that the VST3 DLL should also be functioning as VST 2 model and this is where things are getting unclear…
Can one DLL support two different architectures or do they mean that a separate VST 2 dll is installed?

In the latter case, Engine also gave a good suggestion (if the Steinberg vstplugins folder is the folder that has been configured in Renoise to search plugins for or not) and then ofcourse, if the vst 2 model has been checked to install. Usually one then also has to confirm if he wants this version of the plugin installed. Then you still have plugins that are 64 bit or 32-bit but in most cases, the 32-bit plugin is also installed when choosing the 64-bit plugin.

gud morning and first , thanks for the discussion.

i still havnt managed to get the grand3 run with renoise

and the subjects mentioned here are pointing in the right direction : does one .dll support two typs of vst. i think no, so i hav to wait till renoise updates (hopefully you renoise guys read this :D )


It definitely says VST2 supported so why instead don’t you talk to Steinberg about how to get it work? There is no reason it should not with the current version of Renoise! Also seems you may be able to use Stand Alone version with ReWire, maybe…

“For using as plug-in or ReWire slave-device, a VST2, VST3, AU or ReWire compatible host is required”

Nowhere have you even said what your system is! What you computer comprises of. What version of Windows you are running (eg 32 or 64 bit.) What steps you went through to install. With your severe lack of information how do you expect people to actually be able to help you?!

Can you get it to run with any other software? Can you run it stand alone? Have you registered the software and got your USB-eLicener set-up and working? Did you actually remember to buy a USB-eLicencer with your software? As Steinberg wont run without one but assume you may already have one so do them as separate products. Or do you just want to blame Renoise for your inability yo get it working?

Manual can be found here:

keep cool, i didnt blame renoise at all, if u could read my 1st statement, i mentionend im a big fan of it instead. so.

ok sorry4 de lack of information:

cpu amd phenomII X4 955
soundcard soundblaster x- FI

system 7 64bit

elicencer done and ready, installment process no problems, stand alone running perfect… thought steinberg seems a little dominant, not allowing my mediaplayer(spider)

to play while havin the standalone thegrand3 running , or my browser doesnt have sound while streaming, mhh.

checked all the folder rights and stripped to read and write for all users.

im tryin to get it work reweired! cheers

I apologise, “so i hav to wait till renoise updates” sounded to me like you were giving up and leaving it in the hands of Renoise to update their program to fix it, although there is no evidence the fault is with Renoise and everything points to the fact it should work with it as it stands.

I don’t yet run Win7 myself so can’t be the as helpful as I would like. I’m fairly sure I’ve read there being problems with some plugins if you don’t make sure to start Renoise with administrative privileges. Have you tried this?

Have you contacted Steinberg support? Renoise Demo version should load any VSTs the full release will so they should easily be able to test the plugin and hopefully give you some more useful pointers than any Renoiser who does not have the plugin.

Good luck. I hope you either get ReWire or VST working soon and can start to use your software to its fullest :)

Well, 64-bit plugins aren’t going to work, so definately check if the 32-bit version of the plugin is installed for sure. I have a feeling it might not be the case.

da stehts…
für 64/32 'nen bischen weiter runter scrollen.

many much thank yous , and i was playing with that thought about trying the 32bit version too, but thanks https://www.steinber…owledgebase_pi1[product]=1 there it is black on white

thank you forum and merry xmas ;)


I needed to install the 32bit version. now they are working together as they should.

thanks y’all