Steinberg The Grand V2

i’ve The Grand V2 and if i want to use it within renoise as a vsti,
then no gui for the instruments pops up. only he egdes of the
window gui, but no content Oo … HELP!

(madtracker2.5 doesn’t even load it! )

hello there… seems you have cracked version dont you?

cos here it works well…

of course! its a steinberg product!
who will pay 240 euros for piano plugin :P

all the overrated producers with too much money on their hands…


it works in any other vst2 host. maybe i’ve installed it wrong
coz now renoise won’t accept it anymore… :(

Or maybe Renoise tagged it as a “Synth” plugin by setting the “IsSynth” value to 1 in the cachedVst.xml

no no cracked version.
halion v3 is workin also, or hypersonic.

only the grand gui is somehow f****in up.
i can only pop up the menu when i rightclick on the gui.