Steinberg UR22C, edit/mix windows and troubles

So, i bought it and it have strange behavior.
Don’t know how to describe this.

Can’t capture this laggy things with OBS because of observer effect and Renoise works just perfect.
And i saw thing that don’t relay on this particular edit/mix windows effect: sometimes it freezes for a moment just on pattern switch.

ASIO4ALL works perfectly well. DirectSound are totally boken, but i don’t care about it.
Latest chipset (usb), video, steinberg drivers and firmware. Renoise 3.2.2 @ Win 10 1809
Ryzen 7 3700x ; X570 Chipset; Radeon RX 5700 XT; 64gb RAM.

Many thanks in advance.

Small update on my personal research:

Interface works perfectly well with my intel-based pad and laptop/

Steinberg says that they know about audio dropouts on AM4 X370/470/570 chipsets or ASmedia USB controllers. My motherboard not have an ASmedia USB controller, and the second solution - use 2.0 USB connecton doesn’t work either. I tried both usb2.0 port, usb2.0 connection type and port with 2.0 connection type.

Trying to ask official Steinberg support too.

Case closed. It completely freaks me out and i send it back.