Step Length Also For Cursor Move / On-Off For Step Mode

If I look back the Protracker, Oktalyzer, Octamed etc., they all had also the step length value enabled on cursor move. That’s some detail I still don’t like in Renoise, even this is for a good reason for sure. Could there be an option for that? Maybe “strict step length mode”.

Also it would be imo nice, if step mode could be enabled and disabled with a button / a key command, so I don’t have to set it to 1 again, just pressing caps-lock for enable/disable step mode.

A detail you don’t like or you didn’t found in Renoise?
Try ctrl+shift plus cursor up/down

Oh ok, I exchanged now the key bindings, so step movement is the default. Thanks for info. But I still miss a on/off button.

Is there a way that the cursor jumps to the beginning of the pattern on end and vice versa?

Cyclic edit mode? no, there is no kind of pattern lock natively, but likely scriptable and perhaps already done, with the paketti tool? I haven’t checked it though.
If not perhaps a good suggestion to add such feature into that script.

That’s what happens when Continuous Scrolling is Off is it not? Or as vV has referred to it, Cyclic Edit.

Ah yes, sorry, i should have thought he meanted that
Second button on the left:

Ahh I think what you’re referring to is Taktik’s Pattern Rotate tool?

Well at least one of these answers must be right :P

LOL thanks for your answers, but neither the continuous button nor Taktik’s loop tool will help here really.

If I am editing and reach the end of the pattern, I would like that Renoise jumps to the beginning of the pattern, if I continue to move down.

The only work-around I found is to insert the pattern two times in the sequence and activate continuous mode. Would be nice if continuous mode would realize if a part of sequence is looped by highlighting the loop button next to the sequence position number. Or the “loop current pattern” button.

If you are editing, the cursor moves to the beginning of the pattern after having inserted data on the last line when continues mode is not on.
If you want it to have it on the beginning of the pattern when moving, simply use the home key ;)