Step Length weird behavior

Hello. I used to write in trackers with Step Length set to 0. When I’m in Edit Mode, and Step Length is 0, after I put the note and hold a key pressed, the current sample or VST start to play over and over again. I expect it to sound only once, until I hold a key. It works good in non-Edit Mode.

Version: Renoise 2.8.1 Final.

Steps to reproduce look like this:

  1. Launch Renoise
  2. Load any sample/VST
  3. Set “Step length used in the pattern editor” to 0
  4. Launch Edit Mode
  5. Put a note and hold a key

Expected results:

The sound should be played only once, until I hold a key (like you may hear it in non-Edit Mode)

Actual results:

Instead it plays over and over again from the beginning

Thank you!

In short, this is the current ‘normal’ behaviour in renoise. Not sure how easy this would be to fix, but I’d be happy too if, when edit step =0, the key repeating would not be active…

Actually, I would vote for a button in the transport area that toggles whether your notes even sound at all, in edit mode. (much like in eg live, although you’re in edit mode there ‘all the time’ of course)