Step Recording / Tap Tempo

[19:45] i wanna do this:
[19:45] play some notes, that are stored sequentially
[19:46] then
[19:46] tap a single key to set length/tempo or effects
[19:46] on those notes
[19:46] know any sequencers that can do that ?
[19:47] the virus ti has this feature
[19:47] Ableton Live. Is the only program that comes into my mind.
[19:48] k, i have ableton lite
[19:48] becoz, this way i can record anything that my mind can make, without being a skilled live player
[19:49] Yep :)
[19:49] k, so i will suggest it to renoise team :)

So, hereby suggested! :slight_smile:

Why not simply using Ableton Live for that issue, if it does that job perfectly?

it would be nice to be able to do this inside renoise,so we shouldnt be using all these different apps for certain things

Gahhh!!! self-censored expressions

It would be nice if Renoise had every feature that all different music software on the market have today. No, make that all features that all softwares have today (including games and operating systems).

whats your problem"trying hard to restrain myself for name-calling"

it might be that you like to use all sorts of 3rd party apps,but some people would like to just use renoise

is thats such a big problem for you :blink:

I don’t even get what it means.

I just wanted to enforce a discussion about this. I mean, you are using a word processor for text, melodyne to time-pitch samples. There is and will always be something you can not do with one tool and thats actually a good thing because every tool and workflow has its advantages.

Imagine a Renoise with everything you can do with sound. That would be a monster which runs out of control, or?

To preface, I’m here for the discussion and I don’t care about this feature. I will however voice my reasoning for the opposite.

I can’t afford to buy every tool I need. On top of that, I can’t afford to learn new tools that I may or may not need. If it’s free, or already included in a tool I use, then why not?

Or to put it another way.

I don’t use a word processor for text, I use Open Office because it’s a free word processor. In reality, I use Jedit and paste into Open Office to export a PDF.

I don’t use melodyne because i’ve never heard of it until now. I just Googled for it and it costs $40, pass.


It’s a basic feature since 80s, and it’s missing :slight_smile:
And Renoise is easy peasy to use and does good mastering if you use it right, so I dont wanna use anything else coz it roxx!!!

And I am regged user, and i will pay another reg just to get this feature! i dont care!! :slight_smile:

Johann, first you play in WHATEVER tempo, structure you CAN or LIKE, just the notes.
Then, with one key on the synth, you tap the melody of those notes, and voila!: finished track!

Now you can compose anything! that is normally a bit hard coz youre not the best live player in the world.

Isnt that the whole point in using a tracker ?

+1 for Renoise with everything you can do with sound. ;)

Why not just, uhm, track the melody? Or play it as good as you can, and then edit it manually until you’re satisfied with the rhythm?

“not the best live player in the world” is an euphemism for “not playing keyboard at all”, right? Recording stuff is mostly for people who can play instruments, so their talents don’t have to “wait outside” while using a tracker - but the basic idea of tracking is to build the stuff from the ground up, line per line if need be, not in realtime at all. I’m sure others would wildly disagree of course, but that’s kinda how I understand it.

“Play from current position” is your friend. That and patience.

Renoise 1.9.1 + XRNI 2.0 + clips/subpatterns + routing = pretty damn close to everything you can do with sound. I already find myself not using Audition nearly as much; I enjoy Renoise’s realtime feedback and ease-of-use way too much.

I am virtually certain it’s possible to give such a beast a tight GUI. I’m not as sure that CPU requirements won’t balloon though.

@nmioaon: Once you know what you want to play, you could slow down the tempo of the song to something more manageable and just record it. Then return to your original tempo and you’re done.

yes it would be sweet :dribble:

I don’t care about this feature, so i’m not going to argue for or against it. However.

I’m very partial to letting things do what they do best. There was a time i’d be militant about what sequencers or tools i’d use, but i guess it boils down to the same kind of argument you get with Windows vs Linux or OSX or whatever; there comes a time when you’re just too old for the bullshit and just want to get things done.

Before i found Renoise i was working on a tracker with a friend that would use external editors for every single thing we didn’t feel was absolutely integral for a tracker. This translated to vsts and whatever external sample editor you wanted, and it’d work through temp files to bridge the software.
Personally, i still find myself yearning for Soundforge features when i use Renoise, but there’s no fast bridge between Renoise and other tools, so i just stick with Renoise and make do.

I think that’s the real crux of the problem; It’s not inherently easy to bridge Renoise to software that would do the job better, so the hurdles make us want the functionality right there and immidiatly accessible.

To put it into other words; if Renoise had a fast and simple way to exchange things like samples or sequencer data with other packages, this would be a non-issue.

First of all i’d love for renoise to have an “edit with…” option for samples, that would save the sample to a temp file, open that file with whatever package you’d set it to use, and then periodically check that file for changes.

Second, i’d love an import midi function that would let us import uh… midi… directly into a pattern, without opening a new file or something like that.

I think these two additions would silence a lot of anguish.