Step Through Vsts / Browser Search

Hello community. :slight_smile:

Two of my biggest wishes are (didn’t find these here yet):

What’s already possible, if I select a VST by using the mouse, I am able to step through the presets using the values buttons or by selecting a bank or etc.
But I’d like to be able to step through the vst list by just using same buttons on my keyboard / synthesizer (concrete: m3) and I mean the list of choosing vsts to add to a song (the little window titled “select/organiz plugins”

And I don’t mean those already used in the song, that would be nice too, but this is already solved by choosing a midi channel for each instrument.

Is that achievable by using the scripting feature or creating a tool? So I would do this myself and publish here. Because I don’t wanna always go my computer click a vst instrument from the list with the mouse and then play it. I want to choose from the list using my midi device.

To clarify I might add a screenshot

So it would be great.

Another great feature would be, if the disk browser had integrated a search feature.
I use everything from voidtools (freeware) at the moment to sometimes find an instrument/sf2/sample very fast, I drag it then to renoise to add it.

Let me explain this little Workflow together including the 2 suggestions:

  • Let’s say you search for a kick drum sample.
    U’ll use the integrated browser search feature typing “kick” and clicking the search button.
    After finding some files matching your criterias you add the kickdrum to the list.

  • U remember installing a lot of new vsts. The rhythm is also running in the background making your head banging. :wink:
    Now you want to play some melodies on different vsts, you defined to buttons on your midi controller to step through the vsts
    and test some basic presets using up/down buttons on your midi control for example…

That would be great.

Please tell me if this is all already possible or whether this is scriptable. I will publish a script then.

Workaround for the searching yet:

Use voidtools and FileBoxExtender (voidtools Everything for searching and dragging, nothings faster than that yet, afaik. :slight_smile: and filebox extender to make this window stay in front.


Hope my explanation is clear enough.

Sorry for my bad English.

3.) On the fly recording and on the fly pattern insert.
If one wants to do a live recording there is a simple workaround yet:

Create as many empty patterns as you need (for example 500), save as an empty song.

But what if you’d like to record for a longer time?
If you don’t create any new pattern while live recording and are at position 500, you will possibly overwrite what you’ve recorded before.
Here I suggest, renoise should be able to insert new empty patterns on the fly. So live recording would be easier.

P.S.: I will add more ideas soon I guess.

I almost can’t believe that no one is interested in this.

Or did I just give a very bad explanation of my suggestion!?

Tell me, please. :slight_smile:

Hello dr4g0n76 ,

maybe if you’d condensed your post into a more readable and clear format you’d get more responses. It is a little confusing to me, reading from your text, what you want + why I would want it :slight_smile: .

(+ you can already search in the diskbrowser. Click the magnifying glass icon to toggle it on or off).


so maybe this description is better:

1.) Step through VSTs using assignable Midi Buttons
2.) Search like in Explorer (also subdirectories)
3.) insert patterns on the fly when needed (live recording for example)

About 3: have a look at the autoclone pattern script

Ok, I will have a look at this.

Got another one:

4.) Search & Replace for pattern values, also with regular expressions and pattern matching.

(For example to replace the notes, to replace the keys, the instruments and so on…)

There is a find & replace tool that might do what you want to an extend:

Also, make sure you check out the advanced editor’s functions in the manual, there might be some handy meta operations there too.

Ok, you are right, but if I’m right, too, those are not working in Renoise 2.7 yet, do you agree?
I tried. Couldn’t make them work.

You can make the scripts work in 2.7, but you must have the scripting terminal & editor enabled and manually change the api version number from 1.0 to 2.0 in the manifest of the script. That or wait for the script maker to update their tools.

Ok, Jonas. Thanks for your help. Did it and it worked like a charm. Thanks for your help.