Stepper device in track effects?


Is there a way to use the instrument modulation Stepper device as a track effect?

If not, is there a simple way to choose between a few specific values?

I want my LFO to be set on random but i would like to vary its speed (also randomly) using another LFO, but i would like the second LFO to only be able to use certain values i specify…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


The stepper device is in modulation only.

The equivalent to a stepper device on track/dsp level would be an LFO device in custom/points mode with inf speed. Let’s call it “table LFO”… You can control its reset with another LFO (or other means), and it will put out only the values you specify as points, when the reset value is within the effect range of the point.

Not sure if I understood right what you are trying to do, but you want the table LFO to control another LFO’s speed to match only certain values? That would be problematic, but only because it is very difficult to setup percentage values in the LFO editor to match exact speeds of the second LFO.

If I take a break from mixing tonight I could try to see if I can find a solution with a formula device in between that makes selecting speeds in lines in the table LFO easier, for example a value 12,8 % meaning 128 lines, a value of 6,4% 64 lines etc.

Yeah you got what i was trying to do - i see what you mean with setting up the percentage values :blink:

I like the random setting on the stepper, which is all i need really. to define a few values, and then let the device choose which gets played in a random order.

Not sure i understood how you can make the ‘table LFO’ output its values in a random order…

Well…here, I made one example for you. Also using a hydra to make selecting the speeds easier. Disable the randstep LFO and eable the “probe” hydra to program the table LFO’s points in extended LFO editor holding ctrl to move the points with more accuracy. The “probe” selects the active point. Move the reset to the right of the point you wish to manipulate with it. You have to read the LFO speed from the last LFO while moving the points.

each note triggered into the vel tracker will reset the lfo to a random speed being close to 64, 32, 16 and 8 lines per cycle.

It’s a renoise track preset, drag&drop the file to an empty track to load the setup.

I’ll soon try to find exact forumlas for all the LFOs (track/modulation) so we can tune such action to exact speeds.

(edit: …to the right of the point…)

Fantastic!! you are very kind. thanks for putting this together for me.

Be sure I will like & use the knowledge I gained because of you myself.