Steppor questions (hardware choice on linux) (resolved)


I come back here after years of silence caused by personal problems. Now I see how good is renoise, and I happily discovered the tool I was looking for since the beginning : Steppor.

I’m now searching for a laucnhpad (I first have to figure how diferent are the several models, s, mini, mk…whatever). But I want to be sure, before buying it, that it will work flawlessly on my setup (linux mint PC, 64bit).

If someone tried or is using linux, steppor, renoise 3 with a launchpad can confirm it works perfectly, it would be nice to answer this post :wink:

PS : last question, is there a preferred launchpad model (S, mini, etc…) for my linux setup ?

thank you a lot for your help.

edit : I found answer here :

topic can be closed/deleted ! thanks